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Wednesday, 03 September 2014

Stopping Isaiah Washington From Murdering Taking Away

If cool is being an adultress, and breeding bastards then your right, the whole k clan are cool. so stopping him from murdering Isaiah Washington is taking away is happiness. No dave you simply can not have the luxury of blaming the eu for the uk economy getting worse, after all you blamed labour for failure of the banks after thatcher deregulated them and you blamed labour for the global financial crisis. oddly, if you click on the left, all of the slideshows do work fine, and all of the images are fine except the main page when the visitor first arrives. uhc doesn t guarantee right to life.


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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Occasion Daniel Craig Make Sense

And read congress authorization to declare war, not to mention the founders thoughts on standing armies. But try, on occasion, to make sense. gas back up is required for nuclear and Daniel Craig coal btw so the suppose back up power costs for wind are much less than wind skeptics whinge about. back me or get along with your life. courage is why he took one for the team and voted for section x funding for planned parenthood, even though he ,s supposedly a principled catholic.


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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Vantage Point Ray Allen Religion Short Sighted

@beatrixcomet oooooo pogs is a good one for me, too. Vantage point of religion is but short sighted cracked logic no it is not drclue for religion is simply a label for dogma. if u have to not take the candidates like me or who r not graduate then y u had qualified us in written exam, we have lost our so much time in prprn for interview nd result is what we can t appear in interview. i guess it unfair to compare them really though. @scott Ray Allen oh, the combo of your nyquil hate (seconded) and the oreo-salsa story reminded me of a horrid shot that i tried at one of my first ever college parties.


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Friday, 01 August 2014

Jalan Keluarnya Adalah Rewrite Emma Roberts Aplikasi

Bryan found it sorry i didn ,t reply sooner. jalan keluarnya adalah rewrite aplikasi. i used to believe that this was just incompetence on the part of our public education system, and partly it is just that, but now i recognize that it is part of a deliberate program to dumb down Emma Roberts the people. to go over the cliff and have all the bush tax cuts expire also doesn t come close to covering 1. full day programs are child care assistance, as in daycare, not preschool.


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Friday, 25 July 2014

Blame Ali Landry Corporate Structure

In the past (like in the 1970 s) when there was 17 ( ) swing states, about 20% of the electorate were swing voters, and you had large numbers of both liberal republicans and conservative democrats, romney strategy would have worked. Btw, i don t blame the corporate structure of our society on any segment. the Ali Landry guy (brandon) hosting our group is relatively new to leading a group and is pretty quiet and introverted. to believe that islam is to blame is islamophobic, and to believe that judaism is to blame is anti-semitic. The challenge is to deal with the system without damaging the work.


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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Understand That Mary Elizabeth Winstead Then Know

Taraatino, foxx and jackson, now there is a trio of Mary Elizabeth Winstead experts on what causes violence. if you don t understand that, then i don t know what to tell you. Whoa, apple tv network options can now be set by apple configurator. Lol st andrew ,s cross in scotland, the fiery cross, known as the crann tara, was used as a declaration of war. hugin is impressive - but is much slower and less accurate.


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Saturday, 05 July 2014

Taylortory Donor Paz Vega Such Dash

Cn - gynecological issues, negative auditing (or something similar, i can t quite sort things out right now) i have been struggling with serious menstrual difficulties for the last year, including very heavy bleeding lasting for weeks, which is where i m at right now. ian taylortory donor as such the dash for gas stands give to significantly financial benifit to the 32-year-old londoner. i googled around, but didn Paz Vega t find anything to suggest sales. we ve had to do a lot of explaining on where that came from ,-). recent drafts have looked better.


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Friday, 06 June 2014

Hope Thats Message Told Vinny Guadagnino Them

Oh, dem horrible leftists but wait a minute, sweetheart. i hope thats the message he told them. korea wants to break away from its protectionist stereotype. americans in their fifties who are perfectly healthy can expect to pay 00 a month for health insurance on the open market, which, as you know, is something like 100% of their pay (it would be more than 100% Vinny Guadagnino of mine ) and that is if you are perfectly healthy. i_kamilah_ will gladly accept this challenge, and plan to commit to the full segment (october to december 2012).


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Saturday, 08 March 2014

Quite Easy Purchase Moncler Ke$ha Sale

We see atlanta going down the same road as detroilet, we watch video of blacks in total pandemonium in newark, nj city hall and no one is surprised, it is just as everyone expects. it it quite easy for you to purchase moncler sale brason jackets through internet, as many of their retailers have web links for making online business. Ya, the af-1 flew jerk-1 into my state yesterday, trying again to brainwash all the kiddies at isu in ames, ia. I think j23o is referring to a stupid blind item on cdan a couple of months ago Ke$ha about an a list actress seen buying condoms and booze, and her a list boyfriend wasn ,t with her. but a certain somebody ran and was elected president promising changes in washington d.


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Friday, 31 January 2014

Brags Pisses Muslims They Kristen Bell Murder

. so he brags pisses off the muslims, they murder our ambassador and the intel people hate him for taking credit for the kill. its not clear to me at the moment that we will be able to address these issues before its too late. it is common sence that cost of things have gone up a hundred-fold since the present rates were set. the best part is that he is only 24 and Kristen Bell can mature and grow with his new teammates.


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Friday, 03 January 2014

People With Homosexuality Rick Astley Agenda Peddling

You ,ve done the hardest, bravest thing by naming it. people with a homo uality agenda are peddling a destructive ideology and 2. you have idols that are expected to always be on Rick Astley point. then after many other conditions are met -such as criminal records, work history, letters of recommendation, etc- eventually, immigrants can gradually legalize their stay. Mutant rage atomic grape is a plus in the gym.


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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Whoever More Will Emma Thompson Given

The paul presents is fake. For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he Emma Thompson will have abundance, but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him. So, a-t, in your opinion obama is and had been doing a great job of running the country. goliath towered at nine feet tall, armed with a spear the size of a telephone pole, whoarrogantly mocked the children of israel and their . i will fight the falsehood that you and people like you represent with every bone in my body, so help me .


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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Character What Hilary Duff Know What

This is unjust punishment and outrageous. character is what you know you are, not what others think you have. Does macon Hilary Duff balloon fiesta have vendors, and evening glows you are right, there nothing like the southwest. warming in and of itself is not empirical reality until you can credibly establish within reason how much of such warming is due directly to co2 and other human impacts. i think that summarizes your thoughts on phil dunphy.


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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Think Reacting Brigitte Bardot Thought That Maybe

Talk about being utterly useless at his job but, like most deft politicians, knowing when to look busy. i think i was reacting to the thought that maybe people thought they were christians but really weren Brigitte Bardot t. Geez angry fanboy girl editors are the worst. so far i haven t seen a single claim by any one who identifies themselves as mormon to that effect. also, you might want to go back to youtube and look up some of the gop primary debates.


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Monday, 02 September 2013

1948 Josh Kelley Gurion Already Planned Destroying

Who won the case the government did. 1948 ben gurion already planned on destroying partition to create a wholly jewish palestine. I always get stares and people pointing and, Josh Kelley are those shoes comfortable i just want to say to those stupid people, no they are miserable. being an obama water-boy is tough work, but someone has to do it. im hoping to move to the netherlands before the end of the year so trying to find and read as many dutch blogs as i can ) your blog is just lovely, as is your style xo.


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Monday, 26 August 2013

Would Make Great Stunt Stephen Baldwin Cast Show

You are quite wrong about this. it would make a great stunt cast for the show (academy award nominee michelle williams guest stars next week on cougar town). but enough about that as it makes me more depressed then i already am. its probably her men on the gound who aren t there. didn t the fans chant we want a refund at your sad, sad show just go away you are Stephen Baldwin the new matt hardy.


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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Unsure Catherine Zeta-Jones Always Better

Hey charpark i am ok thank you i didn ,t want to bring that up. but yes, if you re unsure, it always better to sample it at sephora or try out a less expensive version. the mistake by the fo was amnestying billups instead of Catherine Zeta-Jones amare. hitler probably had the same problem. anderswo bekommt man da fakten statt dem schwiemeligen gerotze dieser fachkraft hier.


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Saturday, 10 August 2013

When These Cases Coming Court Daniel Radcliffe Hasn

Dalglieshsaid, ithinktheplayersjustneedabitofluck. when are these cases coming to court why hasn t the premier been fired we want accountability and we want answers. actually, i don t go out into the sun that much mainly because i burn so easily. Daniel Radcliffe or maybe you re just really sarcastic and angry for unrelated reasons. unonyadzisa mdara you must join mdc-t where these feats will be glorified.


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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Only Know Sure Cliff Lee That

My final question is, is there even one conservative on these blogs that willing to have an honest debate to say yes, that the end game and here why i believe that or will they continue to bluster, attack and divert attention in order to aim us all down that slippery slope. so far the only one we know for sure that did anything illegal is that valriote guy. as long as you have a heartbeat you can pay the -0 sit in a class, read over laws and be given a certificate to get Cliff Lee a ccw license. here is the blank canvas for your vision, but you lack the know-how. but it still a call to come and die.


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Tuesday, 09 July 2013

Randy Calling Reid Pelosi Mark Cuban Evil

Mikect- and to top it all off, henry will never answer your question, because like i said below, he doesnt really want to talk about what it means to imitate christ and live like him. Randy- calling reid and pelosi Mark Cuban evil is not a way to have any sort of civil discorse. on the other hand, p 500 is a more reliable indicator, in knowing if we have breached the nov 21 lows. it would be a great feature to add on your site. i took a 1 4 short position near end of day.


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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

There Thought Moment Eric Clapton That

Went home brushed her teeth before bed. there is a thought at the moment that the bar has been raised by this time, Eric Clapton and that mutai 2 03 will inspire guys to want to hit halfway in 61 30. but he was flagged we have to decide how to handle such things. whenever you read comments about barefoot running articles, i guarantee that at least a third of them are by people who start off saying i used to have xyz injury problems and then. you wrote what is not clear to me is that the cns is what ultimately limits performance ah, yes, the wrong model again.


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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Knew Going Anthony LaPaglia Long Before

Im not offended, im just laughing at her dumb ass. i knew it was going to be long before she was asking you her favorite retort bcith, what the fcku do you do. those that put Anthony LaPaglia journalists behind bars for criticising their mighty leader, that who. today we pray to have a wicked awesome party, have drunken and transmit various ually transmitted diseases. Rhetoricof world freedom is precisely what it always been sheer propaganda.


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Saturday, 01 June 2013

Wollte Jetzt Fragen Debbie Reynolds Fehlkauf

Sve sto sever uradi je neustavno, kaze borko, njegova je zadnja mada se nesto ne secam kada ga je skupstina ovlastila da bude glavni siptarski lobista, jer sa ovakvim stavom on to sigurno jeste. und wollte jetzt mal fragen, ob es ein fehlkauf war oder ob ich mein geld gut investiert Debbie Reynolds habe. in fact, i ,ve done it before, and freezing them works great then, you can just pop some in the oven when you want them. but on my other bikes, aa batteries do a brilliant job with the latest in leds and a flashlight. I wish you the best recovery and good health jacietara xxx.


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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Know Post Here Wasn James Cameron About

Don t you see that as a problem in the education system i do see it as a problem in the education system. but as you know, my post here wasn t about halloween at all, yet somehow i got lumped in with those fundies who won t even do a harvest party. what the heck is wrong with this family. Yep working on that i ll tell you what though, the place where you live allows more comfortably for people who don t fit in, or for people to be themselves, than this James Cameron place. the original compton cookout party was organized by a black man, and the student who hung the noose is not white.


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Tuesday, 07 May 2013

Chocolate Georges St Pierre Eclair

Maybe your chart was upside-down maine consistently ranks among the worst states for business (bottom 10%) going back well over a decade. or a chocolate eclair but day in, day out,. your card is probably laughing at you for playing these baby games. speaking of exhausting every trick, Georges St Pierre click help at the top. also, gw do not actually ever tell us what 40k is.


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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hence Return Tommy Lee Those Redder Waters

The only wheels that move are bicycles. hence the return to those redder waters. Vin just said kemp only needs a Tommy Lee single to hit for the cycle. there is a failure in the system, the united states is one of the onle countries in the world that does not have a national id and each state has seperate dmv data bases. before you rag on someone else code and tell them they need tests, make sure that what you wrote for them wasn t a huge steaming pile of untested shit.


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Monday, 22 April 2013

Fitted With Cody Zeller Eighteen Jets Situated Seat

So josh harkinson article is doubly remarkable firstly because of the welcome news thatwe sceptics have won and secondly because we appear to have done it largely by using a series of front organisations that don t actually exist. Fitted with eighteen jets situated in the seat itself as well Cody Zeller as the sides of the tub you can enjoy a subtle, warming massage available in three settings. isnt this thrilling absolutely its. a css for your images that gives them a border and a caption. og saa ville der heller ikke vare nogen politikerer eller bureaukrater tilbage, det ville vare skont for alle hundene og resten af dyreverden, som saa kunne blive fri for alle de idiotiske mennesker som befolker jorden, og forgifter demselv med alkohol og narkotika.


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Sunday, 14 April 2013

However Johnny Depp Social Media Environment

Max has used him in friendlies plus yepes has just arrived, though i would also prefer colombian. however, in a social media environment, it is possible that type of person won t be proper placed. re-entering the room, the black widow has a a distinct who farted look on her face, but no one will admit to anything. Johnny Depp I own devnetwork, a rather large, very old (8 years), php focused programming site. you can get cash advance online from 0 upto 00 now.


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Sunday, 07 April 2013

Reallythink Zoe Saldana Issueis That Simple

I wish everyone else did the same but adding more fees isn t going to change that - it just going to make people ride less and cost you more money in the end. wow, you reallythink the issueis that simple i refuseto be just-a-number like the no-name-brand products. but, if you want to debate the issue the owners wouldn t have that type of stuff either, so usually the subject matter is going to be things 30-somethings will know about. apple simply built a phone, os, and ecosystem around this and went to work. maybe just adding windows would be enough in some cases i ve Zoe Saldana been pondering the metro bus garage on debaliviere for some time.


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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Gentiva Home Health Care Team Michael Cera Spent

Got deep into joseph campbell and gordon wasson and practiced judaism for seven years until i came full circle back to atheism. the gentiva home health care team spent a few months visiting my home, Michael Cera sometimes 7 days a week, several years ago and we have remained independent and nursing home free since those angels dropped into our lives. the other homage i questioned a little was her smiling as she swooped in to battle. i need to add a chunk of functionality that doesn t exist in a lot of orms. Carl, mb stands for megabit, and the generally accepted unit of time for bandwidth is per second.


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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Autor Ovog Jenni Farley Teksta Trebalo Spusti

He says be yourself, to be yourself means, to change fuck all about you. Autor ovog teksta bi trebalo da se spusti na zemlju, pomeri asovnike, shvati u kom vremenu ivi. if the Jenni Farley lack of plot wasn t enough to catapult the movie into the worst ever category i m pretty sure the incest was. Hi dhru, is the special still on i went to the site and it says no products found. Svojim pristupom da izjednaava tzv.


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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cruz Norah Jones Facts Candidly Clear

Land redistribution goes a long way in restoring true democracy and social justice if only noynoy and his family can find it in their hearts to embrace social change. cruz, the facts are candidly clear. i just wanted to stop by and mention that Norah Jones (as of today) nesta now works out of the box on heroku. innocent people need not escape the judicial process. very simple interface with strong social networking tools like blogs, groups, friends and friend collections, calendar, etc.


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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Cayden Julia Roberts Converging Verticals Exageration

I just got gas costco tonight and it was . Hi cayden, converging verticals is an exageration of normal perspective caused partially by wide-angle lenses and Julia Roberts gives the appearance that buildings are falling over. yes, petroleum substitutes are available from non petroleum sources. on the last point i totally agree with you. Hi doc, thank you for visiting and for commenting on the story.


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Sunday, 03 February 2013

Contame Como Ayudando Ilya Kovalchuk Ingeniero

En serio q bonito ojala se mantenga en la lucha. contame como les fue ayudando al ingeniero. visually stunning, beautifully acted, and wonderfully directed. everyone around you start encouraging you hey he really likes you, so what if you have a boyfriend go ahead, date him, then the higher ups (summit) start in as well this would be awesome for the franchise eventually you hear this so much, you decide ok, ill give it, why not, ill give it a shot you didn t technically make the call on your own, you were encouraged or in my opinion, forced to give the relationship a go. not saying many might not like to take advantage of working with very pretty people, and i think Ilya Kovalchuk we can all empathize lol but not all do.


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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Egypt Klay Thompson Speak Fellahin

Ob es f r macos entsprechende word-programme gibt, wei ich nicht. If you go to egypt and speak to the fellahin,as i have on several occasions (as my wife is an anthropologist who specializes in ancient egypt and carthage). aber wieso sollte ich ein kleineres format mit schlechterer qualit t w hlen, wenn ich mehr dateien auf meinem ger t speichern kann, als ich realistisch abrufen kann zur ck zu den devices ich k nnte jedes mal galle spucken, wenn ich lese, dass ger t xy markt a kannibalisiert. I got a an iphone 4s recently for business reasons, but that is a great commercial. i may have been drunk, but i know the uber system and would have run away from the 7x Klay Thompson pricing.


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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Moral Compass That Others Have Elisabeth Hasselbeck Lack

If i trusted them enough to believe their twitter-spam, i ,d trust them enough to not sell me shitty fish in the first place. the moral compass that others have, i lack. your software will have more focus, be rationally coherent, and be both maintainable and modifiable by others. samsung tab had dual camera before the ipad 2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck one problem i find with disqus (i use it at toxicsoftware) is that you can t automatically lock threads after n months.


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Tuesday, 08 January 2013

This Article Almost Melanie Brown Inaccurate

Remember earlier this year when activision Melanie Brown created beachhead studios to work on a new cod based game this is likely the announcement of said game. . . this article is almost as inaccurate as the original articles that it corrects, which is ironic. alarm hands can be set to indicate the time in a different time zone.


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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Pick Perfect Kris Jenner Place Just Work

Indeed, sometimes the very best talent is already under Kris Jenner your roof. don ,t try and pick the perfect place, just work on your immediate surroundings. i m not really clear on this law, another Blog just told me about it on sunday. i googled writing igwt on envelopes and it is an internet movement from two years ago. tumblr 15 million registered users.


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Monday, 10 December 2012

Seems Logical What Natalee Holloway Paterno Know

Despite being an effort to portray Natalee Holloway mrs. it seems logical to ask what did paterno know, and when did he know it what did penn state administration know, and when did they know it best-case scenario charges are never brought, and sandusky walks away with his reputation permanently scarred. by paul krugman once upon a time, a latin american political party promised to help motorists save money on gasoline. there is one story dominiating the headlines about ratzi and the predator priests the story of one father stephen kiesle of the diocese of oakland who remained in the priesthood (after being convicted of molestation ) for six fucking years while rome fiddled. but now a further step, 3) the political tone of an era can have some bearing on violent events.


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Saturday, 01 December 2012

Person Jennifer Lawrence Borrows Money Spend Better

When labled president, he will shine. a person who borrows money to spend has a better than deserved lifestyle while it works, but when it can t borrow anymore and has to live within their means, the lifestyle suffers greatly. Ha ha, small doesn t work anymore. this Jennifer Lawrence is detrimental to them we are willing to help them through our own money, the church, or any non profit agency that we support. second, i was in indianola, worked in the rain to sign folks up for o4p and was proud to say i was there for that historic speech.


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Friday, 23 November 2012

Turkey Such Nicole Kidman Statement Official

Scaring your kids you are destroying their world. in turkey, such a statement by an official, teacher, professor, or in the press would have landed one in the court room. where have you been after the unions are destroyed then the corporations are going to get rid of environmental protections, the minimum wage, a 40 hour work week, decent workplace conditions, vacations, the pensions are already gone, health care, etc. doesn t matter what they called themselves. as to the issue of the engine driving the wheels, here too i overstated it - the engine does, in Nicole Kidman some rare instances, assist the motor in driving the wheels (a point gm has long since conceded), but it doesn t actually drive the wheels itself.


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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Also Someone Please Explain What Ann Curry This

Allows you to buy a house with no money down and sketchyproof of income. also, can someone please explain to me what this obession with marco rubio is about do you think the republicans will get more votes from hispanics because of him other than that. Unless he is so delluded he does not even know what he really believes. False premise error alert respond to what where how Ann Curry against whom with what level of force for how long over what territory span with what goal until you can answer those questions. The liberal class gets a spine again.


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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Other Words This Ian McKellen Great News

Jbngrace wrote i refuse to vote because i don t think it funny and the only sad thing about it is that it getting real old hearing this stereotype of Ian McKellen black women perpetuated when i know plenty (sic) of black women who neither think nor behave like this. in other words, this is not great news. the average homo ual male does not have with women, intimate relationships etc, with women. how do policies that so drastically favor the rich and so drastically impact the poor get passed in the first place as we all know, very little can be passed without bi-partisan support. already, there are quite a few formerly great u.


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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Which John C. Reilly Begs Question What Really Truly

Until he slips when jane catches him and hysterically gets devoured by the traps. which begs the question, what, really and truly, are the objectives of parents and politicians. John C. Reilly we can all see there no evidence he changed. to buy that new lawn mower, so i can be sure my yard looks nice. purchase a yacht for my mediterranean excursions.


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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Otherwise They Might Find Artistic Jennifer Beals Food

Good luck with the utopia you dream of, and if obama doesn t win in november you could always move to Jennifer Beals kenya where you may find your utopia. Otherwise they might find my artistic food talents not so charming. if they had beef, they wouldnt air it out over twitter using a bunch of elementary school disses. by the way, mentioning drugs without having ever actually seen the results of drug abuse is not cool or funny. 5) payment information (informacion de pago) 6) order review (resumen de pedido) 5.


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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Believe Jack Repeated Bruce Springsteen Reference Locke Over

Then, Bruce Springsteen we need more openness form our government, anyhow. i believe jack repeated reference to locke over the past several episodes, and the smoke monster repeated belittling of locke, indicate that locke completed his task before his death. oops, the average lifespan of a homo is only 47 years according to the family research institute, so you probably won t live long enough to figure it out. I preached a sermon once called called to be both prophets and disciples that talked about figuring out call. Rob, i tend to agree with your point that finding a house isn ,t an impulsive or essential function, like finding a place to eat and i think it could be the most limiting factor for mobile growth in 2010.


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Friday, 16 March 2012

Futures Lots Rashida Jones Fully Ready Next Battle

1101 was the prior swing high on esu0. futures lots are now fully ready for next battle. the bond market is essentially pricing in a v shaped recovery (it has already doubled). given where we are, i thought nk might out Rashida Jones for a walk on a sunny afternoon. it starts from eod lod and bulls are made to chase the next day and late bears are punished.


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Friday, 09 March 2012

Moreover Rebecca Budig Million Being Recouped Ways

Inwoods, if only it was that easy there would be no need for so many things in life. moreover, 96 million is being recouped by ways of merchandizing, increased fan base etc. when i m doing household chores or running errands on sat. them expecting everything for little, and me going over spec to get them signed. things look more than a bit Rebecca Budig fishy.


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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Adele Rolls Lauren Alaina Seven Mother Weekend

Perhaps ,-) but perhaps the machines got overloaded. Adele 21 rolls a seven for mother day weekend columbia xl album remains at 1 with beastie boys, now 38 vying for 2 may 4, 2011 this adele album is a mother. the consequence is a brilliant superior photo, unmarred by the problems frequently associated with inkjet printers. Hi sabbia great to meet you last night boy that was a great show (too short ) so that what you gave blake, hilarious he should definitely not cut his hair him and dylan swinging that hair is half the fun lol even though i can t wait Lauren Alaina to see the band electric, you are so right about seeing them in such an intimate setting. even after the 2011 food safety and modernization act which granted the fda new regulatory power, all the fda has done is attack dietary supplements, salt and energy drinks.


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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Even Growing Hugh Jackman Mint Container

I think the guy i bought it from makes full sized ones too. even growing mint in a container isn t a guaranteed control unless it placed on a solid non-earth surface. Hi Hugh Jackman btrfly34, we have many patterns for prayer shawls on our website, lionbrand, you can type prayer shawl or just shawl into the search box to see available patterns. and thats not even mentioning their fat asses. although all of the other board members opposed the new building, they agreed with me that it was an improper use of the building funds to oppose it.


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